About Vasthu Amirtha


What is Vasthu?

Vasthu is an architectural principle describing how a dwelling house should be built. 'VAS' means dwelling or living place and 'Vasthu Sasthram' means the principle of building house and other buildings. 

In Tamil it is called as ' Manayadi Sasthram' In this how Temples, Palaces, Towns, Ponds, Marriage Halls, Shops and Factories should be built and how should they be built to get a good profit, Peace, Prosperous living and such other things. These were given in this 'Vasthu Sasthram' without any hidings which is a great treasure to mankind. 

'Vasthu Sasthra' was kept as a veda. In olden days including Vasthu sasthram as a Veda, there were five Vedas. But after the changing of time, it was hidden on one of the four Vedas ie - Rig, Yajur, Sama and athervana Vedas. 

If the structure of a house is in correct form then the standard of living of the members in that house will also be fine. It was found out clearly by researching many such houses. whatever may be the way of followings and whatever may be the religion and language it is the same and common that in the life of mankind, the feelings, the love, the affection, the economical conditions, diseases etc., All are enjoying and suffering by these in same manner. So, Vasthu - the architectural principle for building is suitable for each and every one irrelevant of language, religion, followings so and so, but only for those who want to lead a peaceful, an enjoyable and a luxurious life. The Vasthu is also related with the scientific field. 

The basic features of Vasthu is the five natural powers, they are called as 'Paanja Boodangal' and they are Sand, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. These are to be given importance in the building structure. Water and Fire has place Value. But wind cannot be placed. Wind  will hug both the sky and the land. So we should channelize the wind in a proper way through our building to achieve our goals. Channelizing the wind is the important one in Vasthu. 

Ignorance of Vasthu leads many families to entangled with suffers, Problems, worries. If such people, met me once and get cleared about Vasthu in their buildings, then they will be surely happy and they can then lead a peaceful, joyful life.